Israel Declares 'State Of War' After Over 5,000 Rockets Fired From Gaza

Israel Declares ‘State Of War’ After Over 5,000 Rockets Fired From Gaza

Israel has declared a state of war following a fierce rocket attack originating from the blockaded Gaza Strip. This morning, on a festive holiday, Israelis were abruptly awakened by blaring sirens and rockets fired by Hamas, according to the country’s defense forces, who had previously alerted to a potential infiltration by Hamas militants. Israel officially classifies Hamas as a terrorist organization.

In a span of just two hours, thousands of rockets were launched from Gaza, streaking across the sky toward Israel, marking a significant escalation in geopolitical tensions in recent years. Sirens are ringing out not only in Jerusalem but also across Israel, as multiple impact points have been reported throughout the country. Shockingly, paragliders were even employed in this attack, as shown in images from Israel.

The Israel Defense Forces issued a statement on social media, saying, “A group of terrorists has infiltrated Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. Residents in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip are urged to remain in their homes.” The sounds of outgoing rockets piercing the air were audible in Gaza, and sirens reached as far as Tel Aviv, approximately 70 kilometers (40 miles) to the north, during the early morning barrage.

These rocket launches come after weeks of heightened tensions along Israel’s volatile border with Gaza and intense clashes in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

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