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Vivah Anudan Yojana: Here you get Rs 51,000 for daughter’s marriage, apply in this easy way

If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh, as well as living below the poverty line, then this news is of great use to you. Because the government provides financial assistance of Rs 51,000 to such people under the marriage grant scheme. So that the daughter gets married on time.

Vivah Anudan Yojana Update: If you are a resident of UP, then this news is for you only. Because marriage grant scheme is operated in Uttar Pradesh. But due to lack of information, eligible people are not able to take advantage of it. Let us tell you that under the marriage grant scheme, financial assistance of Rs 51,000 is given by the government to the poor people for the marriage of the daughter. To take advantage of the grant scheme, one has to go to the concerned block development office and apply. After this the verification of your documentation is done. After which you are handed over Rs 51,000 for financial assistance. Although the government does not hand over the cash to the beneficiary, rather it bears the expenses of the wedding itself.


Grant scheme is a boon for poor people

In fact, in both urban and rural areas, the benefit of the grant scheme is given to the poor people. To take advantage of the grant scheme, the age of the girl has been fixed at 21 years. To take advantage of the scheme, only poor families belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, Minorities, General Category have been included by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. For eligibility, the annual income of rural family has been fixed at 46080 and for urban area 54460. It is also necessary for the applicant to have a bank account. Parth beneficiary can also register by visiting the official website of the government,

Contact the nearest block

To take advantage of marriage grant scheme, any eligible person should take his and daughter’s Aadhaar card and contact the nearest block development office. After this, talk to the secretary appointed in your village or area. Application form is also available from there. After filling the necessary information in the application form, it has to be submitted back in the block itself. After this, the employees of the concerned block themselves will start worrying about the marriage of your daughter. Means the workers of the block will go and buy goods and clothes etc. themselves.

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