Visiting Ram Temples, Strict Routine, Fasting: Here’s How PM Modi Observing Anusthan Ahead of ‘Pran Pratishtha’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two day-visit of a Kerala where he is visiting two significant temples in Thrissur district. He began his day by praying at famous Lord Krishna temple in Guruvayur, dressed in a traditional attire of ‘mundu’ and ‘veshti’ (white shawl).

He visited the historic Veerabhadra temple in Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh which has immense significance in Ramayana with its Jatayu episode. He will also offer prayers at Triprayar Sree Rama Swami Temple in Thrissur district later today.

The visit to the temples in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala comes just days ahead of the massive ‘Pran Prathistha’ ceremony of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya on Monday. Last week, the PM was in Nashik where he offered prayers at the Kalaram temple.

‘11-day Anusthan’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday announced he is observing a 11-day anushthan, a spiritual endeavour wherein he would be offering prayers at various temples across India closely associated with Lord Ram, ahead of the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony.

“Only 11 days are left for Ram Lalla’s ‘pran pratishtha’ in Ayodhya. I am fortunate to witness the auspicious occasion. God has asked me to represent the people of India during the ceremony. Keeping in mind, I am beginning an 11-day special ritual from today,” the prime minister said in a video message on X on Friday.

As Part of his 11-day Anusthan, PM Modi will sleep on the floor if possible, wake up early to pray to God, do jaap and meditation, exercise calm, stay silent for some part of a day, eat little and only satvic food, read religious scriptures, maintain cleanliness and do one’s own work.

Visit to Nashik Temple

The Prime Minister started his ‘Anushthan’ by praying at Shree Kala Ram Mandir situated along the banks of Godavari in the Panchavati area of Nashik on Friday. He offered prayers at the Shree Kala Ram Mandir situated along the banks of Godavari in Maharashtra’s Nashik.

Interestingly, among the many places mentioned in the Hindu epic ‘Ramayana’, Panchavati occupies a special place as Lord Ram spent several years of his exile with Ma Sita and Lakshman Ji in the Dandakaranya forest.

It is believed that Panchavati was a part of the Dandakaranya Forest mentioned in the epic Ramayana. As per religious beliefs, this was the place where Lord Shri Ram and Mata Janaki made a hut and stayed during their exile. PM listened to Yudh Kanda — about return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya — at this place.

PM Modi Offers Prayers at Lepakshi Temple

PM Modi, who was in Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday, visited the historic Veerabhadra temple in Lepakshi, Sri Satyasai district and offered special prayers at the temple, which has immense significance in Ramayana and the Hindu religion.

The temple holds significance in Hindu epic Ramayana as it is believed that the bird Jatayu, the giant eagle, followed Goddess Sita after she was abducted by Ravan. The dying Jatayu, after conveying the information about Goddess Sita’s captivity, fell here and when Rama reached the spot, he saw the bird and granted it ‘Moksha’.

Modi chanted songs in praise of Lord Ram, listened to special hymns sung in Telugu extolling the deity, and also witnessed a puppet show on the epic Ramayana featuring Ram, Lakshman, Sita and Ravana.

Visit to Krishna Temple in Guruvayur

Earlier today, Modi offered prayers at the famous Lord Krishna temple in Guruvayur, also known as the Dwarka of the South. In the centuries-old shrine, Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Krishna and attracts several visitors from across the country.

The temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the young form of Lord Krishna, has several legends attached to it. According to a famous legend, Lord Krishna set his charioteer, Udhava, to save Vishnu idol from being worshipped by him in Dwaraka.

Thriprayar Shree Ramaswami Temple

The prime minister will also be offering prayers at Triprayar Sree Rama Swami Temple, dedicated to Lord Ram and is situated in Triprayar, Thrissur.

As per legends, the deity of Lord Rama was worshipped in Dwaraka by Lord Krishna. When Lord Krishna left his mortal body, this deity of Lord Rama was submerged in the sea and was later found by some fishermen near Chettuva region in Kerala.

PM to Observe Strict Routine in Next Few Days

PM is already on meditation and prayers, as well as a limited vegetarian diet as part of his routine, as part of the 11-day long anushthan.

Prime Minister Modi will be visiting a few more places linked to Lord Ram over the next few days. As part of his ‘Anusthan,’ he is on limited fast since Friday and is having only one meal a day.

From Friday, he may only have fruits during the day, as per sources. He will be fully fasting on the day of Pran Pratishthan i.e. Monday. He will also be sleeping on the floor on wooden plank with a blanket put on it.

As per Swami Dipankar, one can also remain silent for some part of the day during the anushthan and do Sunderkand path as well as do jaap of Lord Ram. One must not cut one’s hair or nails during the anushthan period.

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