Ticking Time Bomb US

US President Condemns China as an ‘ticking time bomb’ Amidst Challenges

During a private fundraising event held in the western state of Utah, President Biden remarked that China is akin to a ticking time bomb in several aspects. He highlighted China’s challenges like elevated unemployment rates and an aging workforce, stating that the nation is currently facing significant troubles.

He expressed the view that when individuals or entities facing difficulties, there’s a likelihood of them resorting to negative actions. In this context, Biden observed that China’s challenges could lead to concerning actions.

Biden’s previous comments about Chinese President Xi Jinping being a “dictator” had sparked controversy and offended Beijing in June. China’s foreign ministry had criticized these remarks as provocative.

Ticking Time Bomb

Despite these remarks, Biden clarified on the current occasion that he aims for a rational and constructive relationship with China. He emphasized that his intentions were not to harm China but rather to remain observant.

Lately, the United States has renewed its diplomatic discussions with China. Senior American officials, including chief diplomat Antony Blinken, have made a series of visits to Beijing. Blinken’s recent trip aimed to improve relations and alleviate recent tensions, notably those surrounding a Chinese balloon incident described as a “spy” operation. The balloon was shot down by the United States in February, and the diplomatic efforts sought to move past this issue.

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