Teen inmates in Kentucky allege torture, abuse in federal alawsuit

Two teens who say they were kept in isolation at a Kentucky youth detention center, denied basic hygiene and tortured by being forced to listen to a version of “Baby Shark” on a loop have filed a class-action lawsuit against the facility and administrators.

The lawsuit filed on Monday details alleged incidents of abuse at Adair County Juvenile Detention Center against the two teen girls and others held in the facility, including allegations that inmates were:

  • Held in isolation and deprived of educational instruction.
  • Denied basic hygiene and showers.
  • Denied prescribed medications.
  • Girls forced to expose their naked bodies to members of the opposite sex.
  • Forced to listen to the Spanish version of the toddler’s song “Baby Shark” playing over and over on an audio loop.
Two young women say in a lawsuit they and other girls were abused, neglected, humiliated and deprived of health care at Adair Regional Juvenile Detention Center.

The lawsuit also details alleged incidents with other youths at the center, including a teen who spent days soaked in menstrual blood, while at the same time, staffers insulted her about her hygiene.

Other allegations include a suicidal child held in a padded cell without a toilet for weeks. A child was held in an insect-infested room, and girls were not given feminine hygiene products.

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