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Indian Railways: Travel to many stations will be done on 1 ticket only! IRCTC’s ‘Circular Journey Ticket’ has many great benefits

Indian Railways: The circular journey facility of Indian Railways is allowing passengers to book a single ticket for up to 8 stoppage points.

Indian Railways: Indian Railways transports lakhs of passengers to their destinations every day. However, most of the passengers are unaware of all the services provided by the Railways to make the journey of the people easier. Similarly, circular journey ticket is one of those services that many passengers are unaware of and hardly use.

Indian Railways website, According to, this IRCTC service is issued for all journeys (other than regular routes) that start and end at the same station.

Circular journey tickets offer the benefit of ‘telescopic rates’, which are much lower than regular point-to-point fares and can be purchased for all classes of travel.

Only one ticket will be charged till the journey starts and returns

For example, if you take a circular journey ticket from New Delhi to Kanyakumari on Northern Railway, your journey will start from New Delhi and end at New Delhi. You will travel from Mathura via Mumbai Central – Marmagoa – Bangalore City – Mysore – Bangalore City – Udagamandalam – Thiruvananthapuram Central to reach Kanyakumari and come back to New Delhi via the same route. A circular ticket made for this journey of 7,550 km is valid for 56 days.

Features of IRCTC Circular Journey Ticket

  • This facility is suitable for passengers traveling alone or in a group. Especially for travelers traveling on pilgrimage or sightseeing.
  • The circular journey facility of the Railways covers two single journeys. The length of each journey is considered as half of the whole journey.
  • They are available on all routes except regular routes.
  • Ticket covers up to 8 stations/stoppage points.
  • The start and end stations must be the same.
  • The rate for each inclusive ticket in a circular journey ticket is telescopic, i.e. for more stations included in your itinerary, the price of each inclusive ticket will be lower. Thus, a circular journey ticket is cheaper than the total cost of individual tickets booked separately.
  • This saves a lot of time.

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