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Railway Knowledge: What cannot be taken by the passengers in the train? If you take it by mistake, you will be fined

Railway Knowledge- You cannot carry any luggage of your choice in the train. Indian Railways has put restrictions on carrying some luggage in the train.

Train is a major and preferred mode of transport in India. Indian Railways operates around 13,000 trains. People equal to the population of Australia travel daily in Indian trains. People traveling in the train also carry luggage with them. But do you know that you cannot take whatever you want with you in the train compartment. Therefore, if you pack things without thinking while going on a train journey, then you may be in trouble. In fact, the railways have banned many such things from being carried in the train, which can endanger the safety of the railway passengers. If a passenger is caught traveling with prohibited items in a train, he can be fined or jailed.

Actually, Indian Railways has restricted some things to be carried in the train keeping in mind the safety of the train and the passengers. These are such articles, due to which there is a danger of fire in the train, contamination of the train, inconvenience to the passengers and accident of the train. These articles can neither be taken with you in the passenger coach nor can be kept in the luggage van.

These items are prohibited
Stoves, gas cylinders, inflammable chemicals of any kind, firecrackers, acids, foul-smelling articles, leather or wet hides, oils, greases carried in packages, articles which, if broken or spilled, are likely to cause damage to goods or passengers during rail travel , It is forbidden to take along. According to railway rules, passengers can carry up to 20 kg of ghee in the train, but ghee should be well packed in tin cans.

can be jailed for three years
It is an offense to carry prohibited items during train journey. If a passenger carries any of the prohibited items during the journey, then action can be taken against him under section 164 of the Railway Act. Under this section, the passenger can be sentenced to a fine of Rs 1000 or a sentence of three years or both.

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