Putin warns Poland

“Poland’s western territories are Stalin’s gift to the Poles. Have our friends in Warsaw forgotten that? Then we will remind them.”Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday (July 21) issued a stern warning to Poland saying that it would treat any “aggression” against its ally Belarus as an attack on his own country.

Putin’s remarks came as Poland sought to increase its border security in response to the presence of Wagner mercenaries in neighboring Belarus.
“Aggression against Belarus means aggression against the Russian Federation,” Putin said in televised comments at a meeting of the Security Council.
“We will respond to it with all the means at our disposal,” he said, referring to the so-called federation between Belarus and Russia.
“Ukraine’s counterattack failed”
Speaking about the much-publicized counter-offensive in Ukraine, Putin claimed that Kiev could not achieve the desired results despite Western economic and military aid.
“In any case, there are still no results,” Putin said of the counterattack. “The huge resources pumped into the Kiev government and the supply of Western weapons, tanks, artillery, armored vehicles and missiles will not help,” he added.
Putin said the reduction in the number of Western tanks, artillery, armored vehicles and missiles supplied to Ukraine, as well as the “thousands of foreign mercenaries and advisers” did not help Kiev achieve its military goals, the Moscow Times reported.

In addition, the Russian president claimed that “tens of thousands” of Ukrainian soldiers were killed and wounded, although he did not provide any evidence to support his claim.

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