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Every time there is a problem in login while booking Tatkal tickets, it is all a game of timing, try this method from now on 2

Timing has the biggest role in Tatkal ticket booking. If there is a delay of just a few seconds, you do not get the ticket. To deal with this problem, it is necessary to book at the right time.

Railway Knowledge: Everyday lakhs of people book Tatkal tickets for traveling in trains, but only a few people get confirmed tickets. The reason for this is limited seats and unlimited passengers. It is often seen that most of the users login as soon as the window opens and face problems in ticket booking due to non-running of the site or due to error, till the time they login waiting time comes. Now the question is what to do in such a way that the login is done quickly and the confirmed seat is found.

Tatkal booking timings are 10 am in AC coach and 11 am in sleeper. That’s why people always keep an eye on the clock like login at 10 o’clock and book tickets, but as soon as 10 o’clock. Due to heavy traffic on the IRCTC site, users are unable to login for a long time. This is the problem, let us now tell you the solution.

In fact, due to the high demand and limited availability of Tatkal tickets, the booking process remains challenging. That’s why timing has the biggest role in Tatkal ticket booking. If there is a delay of just a few seconds, you do not get the ticket, but if you login on time, then the chances of getting a confirmed seat increase, so it is important to follow the tips mentioned here.

  • Always login 5 to 10 minutes before for booking Tatkal tickets on IRCTC website. Remember, login at exactly 10 or 11 o’clock often causes problems.
  • Before booking the ticket, you should make a master list by going to MyProfile, so that the time of giving other information including name, age and gender of the passengers is saved.
  • After making the master list, you have to make a travel list and within the master list you get the travel list. In which the details of the journey like date, from where to where to go, etc. have to be given.
  • After giving travel details, you are given the option of payment in the last, where both debit / credit card, internet banking and UPI payment options are available. However, it is more appropriate to use railway wallet here, because other payment options take time to complete, but this hassle is not there in railway wallet.


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