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Powerful Longevity: Thriving Lifespans in Global Nations – India Life age is 70!

Hong Kong people Life:

Do you know about the country where people have the longest life. Which means they live longer. According to the information revealed about the people of Hong Kong in a survey, their average age is the highest. Here we will tell what is the average age in India.

Highest Life Expectancy In World:

Who does not have the desire to live and the desire to live long. Every person wishes that his life should be long. But wishing would do anything. If this were the case, the average age of people in most countries of the African continent would have crossed 60. The average age varies from 40 years to 100 years in different parts of the world. Now when this age ranges from 40 to 100 years, then you would be curious to know that which is the country where the people live for a long time and where the people live till the youngest age. Amidst all this, it is also important to know what is the average age in India.

According to a statistic, the average age of Hong Kong people is 84 years, if we talk about Japan, then the average age is 83 years, in Italy they live 82 years in general. The average age in Spain is 82.5 years and in Singapore it is 83.1 years, now if we talk about India then people here live an average of 70 years. Here we will tell about some countries where the average age is beyond 80.

Country median Age
Hong kong 84
Singapore 83.1
Japan 83
Spain 82.5
Italy 82
India 70

Why is the average age so high?

Now it is also important to understand why the average age of Hong Kong people is so high. Experts say that in these countries better basic facilities, better hospital arrangements, means of employment are the main reasons. If you compare these countries with India, then the burden on per capita facilities is less. There are still many cities in India where the infrastructure is inadequate, leave alone villages. However, compared to the independence of the country, there has been an increase in the average age. Before independence the average age of India was between 30 to 40 years but now the figure of average age has improved.

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