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Post Office is giving an opportunity to open a mini post office, you will earn Rs 60,000 per month.

Post office franchise: This news can be useful for the unemployed. Because the post office is giving an opportunity to earn 40 to 60 thousand rupees on the security of only 5000 rupees.

Post office franchise: If you have lost your job or you are facing the brunt of unemployment, then there is good news for you. Because the Indian Post Office is giving you a chance to open a mini post office. For which only you have to deposit a security of 5000 rupees. Also, after fulfilling some necessary conditions and documentation, you will be eligible to open a mini post office. After this, the post office officials will give you permission to open a mini post office after examining the work done by you. The purpose of the post office behind this is to reduce its word.

What is eligibility and conditions

If you also want to take the post office franchise, then first of all you must be a citizen of India. Apart from this, you must be 18 years old to get a mini post office. Along with this, you must have taken education at least up to eighth standard. Its certificate is sought during documentation. Also, there is no age limit for continuing in post office. That is, you can run the post office as long as you want. Along with the application, you will have to deposit Rs 5000 as security in the postal department. Although this money is refundable ,because if you want to stop the work or if the departmental officers are not satisfied with your work, then the security will be returned to you

How much commission will you get?

According to the information received from the post office, your work is seen for about 6 months. After that, if the officials of the main post office like your work, then the franchise will be renewed. After which you will be allowed to work further. Also, if there is any problem in your work, then your security will be returned. Yes, for this there is also a condition of the post office that the place where you want to work should be just 10 km away from the main post office.After that you have to pay Rs.3 for registration, Rs.5 for speed post. On selling tickets, 5 percent commission of the ticket price is given, while on speed post parcel, 7 to 10 percent commission is given.

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