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Pension News: Good news for lakhs of pensioners, pension will increase by 15% every year from now, announced

Pension News Update: Lakhs of pensioners are given many gifts from time to time by the Central and State Government. Now the state government has told another good news to the pensioners. From now on, your pension will be increased twice a year. Your pension will increase by 5% in the month of July and 10% in January (pension hike). That is, according to this, the pension of the employees will increase by 15 percent every year, but before that let us tell you that the employees of the state government will be benefited from this.

Let us tell you that the Rajasthan government has implemented the Minimum Income Guarantee Act. Rajasthan has become the first state in the country, which has implemented this law. Pension will increase every year through this guarantee law. Along with this, social security pension will also be guaranteed.

Will increase in 2 installments
The state government has told that the pension of the employees will be increased in two installments every year. There will be a 5 percent increase in pension in the month of July and 10 percent increase in January. The pensioner will get an increase only after one year of taking the pension. That is, 15 percent increase will be done only after 1 year from the date of approval.

Will have to work for 125 days
Apart from this, the state government has told that under MNREGA you will also get additional employment. From now you will get 25 days extra employment. Yes… Now you will be able to work for 125 days.

Board constituted
For monitoring the Minimum Income Guarantee Act, an advisory board has been formed under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary, which will monitor the scheme from time to time. In this, Rural Development-Panchayati Raj Secretary, Social Justice Empowerment Department Secretary, Planning Department Secretary, Finance Department Secretary, Self Government Department Secretary have been made members.

The burden of 2500 crores will come on the government
Along with this, the state government has said that after the implementation of the minimum income guarantee scheme, an additional burden of up to Rs 2500 crore will come on the state government. Along with this it will add up in addition to the expenditure every year.

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