NYC Subways & Streets SUBMERGED Flood

SHOCKING Footage: NYC Subways & Streets SUBMERGED! Unbelievable Flood Chaos!

Multiple New York City subway lines came to a halt, and streets were submerged on Friday morning due to a deluge of rain that hammered the metropolitan area. This led to urgent warnings about potential flooding in the city. The sudden and intense flooding wreaked havoc on roadways and disrupted airport operations. Local officials issued advisories, urging residents in basement apartments to seek higher ground.

NYC Subways & Streets SUBMERGED

Torrential rainfall struck New York City and its environs on Friday, resulting in surging water coursing through the city’s thoroughfares. Brooklyn, in particular, bore the brunt of the deluge.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul, in a statement, remarked, “We anticipate heavy rainfall across downstate today, and we are closely monitoring the potential for flash flooding, given the substantial rain in the forecast.”

In September 2021, the region experienced flash floods that resulted in over 40 fatalities across New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, all attributable to the remnants of Hurricane Ida.

NYC Subways & Streets SUBMERGED

On Friday, frustration mounted among New Yorkers contending with flooded basements and property damage. The storm drains were simply unable to cope with the relentless downpour earlier in the day.

Though the waters have since receded, the flooding was so severe that one restaurant owner recounted how she would have had to swim through the streets to reach her front door. Instead, she monitored the rising waters through her surveillance cameras, and by the time the floodwaters receded, her outdoor dining structure had been washed away.

This was just one New Yorker’s account, but the impact of the storm was widespread.

Overnight heavy rains in the northeastern United States left parts of New York submerged on Friday, causing partial disruptions to subway services and airport operations in the nation’s financial hub. LaGuardia Airport even closed one of its terminals, with images on social media showing passengers wading through water that reached well above their shoe tops.

Mayor Eric Adams advised people against venturing out due to blocked streets and flooded subway stations, saying, “If you are at home, stay there. If you are at work or school, shelter in place for now, as some of our subways are flooded, and navigating the city is extremely challenging.”

Commuters struggled to get to and from work, with most subway lines disrupted and Metro-North fully suspended for hours out of Manhattan.

“There are 3,500 buses out there. They are rolling, getting to their destinations. Only a couple have been stranded. Overwhelmingly, they’re the lion’s share of our mass transit right now,” MTA Chairman and CEO Janno Lieber said to CNN.

New Yorkers were advised to remain indoors, but for numerous individuals residing in basement apartments in Brooklyn, even their homes offered no refuge. Sewer systems backed up, causing sewage to overflow from toilets and bathtubs.

Laptops were destroyed, mattresses were destroyed, furniture destroyed, not to mention all the issues with the sanitation concerns a resident updated.

The water actually comes back in through the main sewer line into the basement. Instead of going out, it comes in and shoots out like a freakin’ geyser added Kelly Hayes, owner of Gowanus Garden Restaurant.

On Friday morning, sewage filled her restaurant’s basement, and outside floodwaters peaked at over 3 feet, drowning her outdoor dining structure and leaving it in pieces.

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