Barron Trump Left Trump Tower

Melania & Barron Trump Left Trump Tower With Packed Bags on Donald Trump’s Birthday

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump spent his 77th birthday on June 14 playing golf at his Bedminster, New Jersey, course. Later, he had supper with his loved ones and close friends; it was not known if Melania Trump was present.
That’s because she and her 17-year-old son, Barron Trump, were seen leaving Trump Tower in New York City earlier that day. Given their fine attire for the early summer day, the mother and son pair appeared to be traveling somewhere special. Barron was dressed in a blue sport coat and a white button-down shirt, while the former first lady was wearing a clean white dress. According to the Daily Mail, the bellmen unrolled Louis Vuitton baggage and placed it into four cars.

The U.K. outlet guessed that they might have made a quick detour to Donald Trump’s golf course in New Jersey, but they thought it was more likely that they were traveling abroad. Apparently, Melania and Barron have been “planning to go on a grand European tour during the summer months.” Melania has consistently put her responsibilities as Barron’s mother before her husband’s political aspirations. To avoid the attention and the campaign road, it wouldn’t be unexpected to see her fly off on a protracted vacation.

Melania has consistently been a reluctant participant in Donald Trump’s return to the White House, and his legal issues have only served to increase the headlines. “Barron has always been a first priority in [Melania’s] life,” an insider reportedly said to People. She is undoubtedly anxious and concerned about the legal matters, but she has not taken any additional measures to protect Barron since she first did so. He has always come first for her. She is an excellent mother.

It’s logical to assume that Melania is doing her motherly duty and making the most of her time with her kid while she can since Barron will be starting his senior year of high school in the autumn. She and the former president have always lived their life on their own terms, so the potential trip with Barron looks to be on schedule.

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