Kamala Harris admits she’s ‘scared as heck’ of Trump win


Vice President Kamala Harris said Wednesday that she was “scared as heck” about the prospect of former President Donald Trump defeating President Biden in November and returning to the White House.

“We should all be scared,” Harris said during an appearance on ABC’s “The View.”

“As we know, and certainly this is a table of very powerful women, we don’t run away from something when we’re scared,” the veep went on. “We fight back against it.”

Harris, 59, sounded a more confident note earlier this week in South Carolina, when she told the same network during an interview: “Let me just tell you this: No matter who the Republican nominee is, we’re winning. We’re winning.”

“If it is Donald Trump,” she added, “we beat him before and we’ll beat him again.”

Since the start of 2024, Harris has traveled to the battleground states of Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina to boost the Biden administration’s message.

Some Democratic luminaries have raised concerns about Biden’s campaign operation, with former President Barack Obama’s ex-campaign strategist David Axelrod saying Tuesday that the re-election effort needed to “get into gear” after Trump’s dominating Iowa caucus win.

Kamala Harris admits she’s ‘scared as heck’ of Trump election win. ABC The View
Donald Trump scored a smashing victory in Iowa Monday. REUTERS

Among the issues facing Biden, 81, are concerns about the oldest-ever president’s age.

If the oldest-ever president is re-elected Nov. 5 and serves a full four-year term, he would be 86 upon leaving office.

“Let me just address the issue directly. I spend a lot of time with our president, be it in the Oval Office, the Situation Room,” Harris said Wednesday. “We have a president in Joe Biden who is forward-thinking in a way that we’ve not seen in a long time.”

Kamala Harris reassured ‘The View’ that the Biden-Harris campaign is working aggressively to take down Donald Trump. ABC The View
Kamala Harris departs the ABC studios in New York City, after her appearance on the View on Wednesday. Matthew McDermott
Secret Service vehicles outside the ABC studios in Manhattan. Matthew McDermott

The vice president also admitted she and Biden have “got to earn re-election.”

“We have to earn the re-elect and we have to communicate what we have achieved,” Harris said. “And that is going to be one of our big challenges. We’ve done a lot of good work, we need to let people know who brung it to them.”

Opinion polls show Trump leading Biden in the head-to-head national popular vote by 1.3 percentage points, according to the latest RealClearPolitics aggregate.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris managed to defeat Donald Trump in 2020. AP

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