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Israel Saudi Relations: Will Saudi Arabia befriend Israel? Netanyahu is standing with a package of $ 27 billion, India also benefits

India is seeing a direct benefit from the good relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. At present, many Western powers, including the US, are trying to establish normal relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. India is also involved in this big diplomatic stir in the Middle East.

Tel Aviv: In view of the increasing threats from Iran, Israel is currently anxious for friendship with Saudi Arabia. This is the reason why America has thrown its full force. US President Joe Biden has entrusted this responsibility to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. Sullivan has held several rounds of meetings with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman over the past two months. The main issue of these meetings is to bring Saudi Arabia away from China and bring it in America’s court. America wants that there should be an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Israel in any way, the benefit of which can be seen in the upcoming presidential election. At the same time, Israel is also ready to take an investment package of $ 27 billion in exchange for friendship with Saudi Arabia. India is also expected to benefit directly from this package.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that his country is ready to build a rail network worth 100 billion shekels ($27 billion). This rail line will directly connect Tel Aviv to the outskirts of Saudi Arabia. The announcement follows a visit by top US officials to Saudi Arabia last week to further formalize ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel. Addressing the weekly Israeli cabinet meeting, Netanyahu focused on foreign policy, sidestepping the country’s long-running constitutional crisis. This crisis has troubled Israel for seven months. This has damaged the Israeli economy and has also affected its relations with Western countries.

Netanyahu advocated trade through rail

Netanyahu put a lot of emphasis on infrastructure projects, including the One Israel project, during the meeting. He said the project has been designed to reduce travel time by train to business and government centers of the country to two hours or less. “I would like to add that in the future we will be able to transport goods by rail from Eilat to the Mediterranean Sea and connect Israel to Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula by train,” he said in a televised statement. We are working fast on this project. This proposal of Netanyahu is being said to be helpful in the ambitious plan of Mohammed bin Salman, through which he is dreaming of changing the economy of Saudi Arabia by 2030.

How India benefits from Israeli investment

In fact, America has made India its partner to eliminate China’s influence in the Gulf countries. On behalf of India, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval has held several rounds of meetings with the officials of America, Saudi Arabia and UAE. White House wants India to lay rail lines in Saudi Arabia and UAE. The idea of ​​an Indian rail network in the Gulf countries emerged in the last 18 months during discussions in a forum called I2U2. This includes the US, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and India. If a rail network is built from Israel to Saudi Arabia, then India will have a big advantage in trade with Gulf countries.

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