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Iraq bans Telegram and alleges infringement of personal data, Big Blow 2

Iraq’s telecoms ministry said it has blocked the Telegram messaging app over national security concerns and in order to preserve the integrity of users’ personal data, which it said the app had mishandled.

The app is widely used in Iraq for messaging but also as a source of news and for sharing content. Some channels contain large amounts of personal data including the names, addresses, and family ties of Iraqis. The ministry said in a statement it had asked the app to close down “platforms that leak the data of the official state institutions and the personal data of citizens… but the company did not respond and did not interact with any of these requests.”

“The Ministry of Communications affirms its respect for citizens’ rights to freedom of expression and communication, without prejudice to the security of the state and its institutions,” the statement said.

Even Brazil banned Telegram :

Sometime before Brazil have also suspended Telegram app for failing to disclose ‘neo-Nazi’ groups details. A Brazilian court has recently banned Telegram in the country. The court took this decision after the messaging company denied requests to reveal the personal data of users who had been sharing extremist hate messages. An investigation conducted on a teenager who was responsible for a mass shooting at a school in Brazil concluded that the teen was part of hate speech groups on Telegram.

Difficult to identify Real or Fake Account :

Telegram was having a reputation for being a private and secure messaging service. But after Username Selling scheme, the impersonating account has risen on telegram, which made it more vulnerable to scam. Many fake account is using other brands username, which leads users to fall into scam. As It is near to impossible for users to identify the difference between real brand account and impersonating account.

The number, frequency, and scale of scams involving impersonations are growing like fungi, and it’s worrisome. It is not just amateur operations run from basements. It’s reached the level of organized crime. You think you’re joining a recommended or reputable group or channel, but it’s actually a fake version of that group or channel, using real username of brands after purchasing form telegram.


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