Indian government asks Indian citizen to leave this African country; issues advisory

The Government of India issued an advisory for Indian citizens living in the African country Niger amid the coup. While addressing the media on Friday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said that India is keeping an eye on the incidents happening in Niger, In view of the prevailing situation there, citizens are advised to leave the country soon. 

Advisory of Government of India

Arindam Bagchi said, “ Indian citizens living in Niger should keep in mind that the air transport service in the country is currently halted. In such a situation, if they are leaving the country by road, then take care of the safety.”

He further stated that those planning to visit Niger should avoid traveling there for now, Also, those who have not yet registered with the Indian Embassy in Niamey, are advised to get registered themselves with the Indian Embassy at earliest.

The government has also issued a number for emergency contact. In case of emergency, Indian citizens can contact the Embassy on (+227 9975 9975). As per government data, at present there are about 250 Indian nationals in Niger.

Military coup in Niger

It’s been almost two weeks since the coup in Niger. The military has taken charge of the country by removing the President. Niger’s President, Mohamed Bazoum, has been detained. The army has sealed the borders of the country.

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