Important Pan Card Correction! You can now correct your PAN card at home in one of these two ways, as shown above. process

One of the most important documents we have is a PAN card. Open an account in a bank, apply for PF, apply for loan, check your civil score, file income tax return etc. For all these works, you need a PAN card. 

Even if you deposit 50 thousand rupees or more by slip from the bank account, then it becomes mandatory for you to apply PAN card. In such a situation, understanding the need of PAN card, everyone gets it made. But if you think that your name or any other mistake has happened in your PAN card or you want to change something. So how will this happen? There is a simple way for this, which we are going to tell you about. So let’s know how you can get correction in PAN card.

Correction can be done in these two ways

If there is some mistake in your PAN card, then you can get it corrected. You have to keep in mind that for this you can get it done both offline and online.

If you want to get the correction done in your PAN card in offline mode, then for this you have to go to your nearest PAN Facilitation Center and fill a form. This form is called ‘Apply for New PAN Card / Change / Correction in PAN Data’. After this the correction will be done in your PAN card.

Do this for online

If you want to get your PAN card done online, then you can do it by visiting NSDL service or UTIITS service UTIITSL at

You can also contact

You can contact NSDL at 1800-180-1961 and 020-27218080. Apart from this, you can also write an email to them on these two IDs and .

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