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Earn 15000 rupees by investing only 5000 rupees, no hassle of much hard work, Mushroom farming

Mushroom Farming: Currently there are many such business ideas that you can start with very little capital and earn more profit.

Mushroom Farming: If you want to start your own startup or business then now is the best time for it. Currently there are many business ideas that you can start with very little capital. Most importantly, all of them also give more profit in less investment. Mushroom farming or mushroom cultivation is one such idea. know about

The easier it is to do mushroom cultivation or mushroom farming, the easier it is to earn profit from it. You can start this business with an investment of just Rs 3-4000 and a small 10 x 10 feet room. You can take free training in its cultivation from Government Agriculture Institutions present in almost all medium and big cities of the country. They give you complete information from growing mushroom to where to sell it. Also provide you all possible help.

What is required in Mushroom Farming?
For this, first of all you should have a small room. A multilayer platform is made in that room with the help of bamboo and splinters. After this, the necessary base for mushroom cultivation is made by mixing straw, compost manure and some other things. Now it is soaked well with water and filled in big plastic bags and kept on these platforms. It costs around 3 to 5000 rupees to make this whole system. If you want to do it on a bigger scale and on a bigger scale, then the cost also increases in the same proportion.

Seeds are put in the bags by making holes at different places and after that the atmosphere in the room is kept almost dark. Mushrooms start growing in a few days. The mushroom crop is ready after about three to four weeks. These mushrooms are plucked by hand, packed and sold in the market. After the first harvest, you can harvest once every 7 to 15 days. In this way, you can take several crops in a row, one after the other. The only thing you have to take care of is that there should be a moist and dark environment in that room.

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