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Good News: Now you will not have to buy expensive petrol and diesel, fuel will be available in just Rs 49

Flex-fuel: Very soon people are going to get relief from expensive petrol and diesel. Because before the general elections, the government has geared up to provide relief to the people from expensive petrol. Not only this, its draft has also been prepared.

Petrol-Diesel Price: The prices of petrol-diesel in the country are continuously touching the sky. People are now starting to miss driving private vehicles. Some people have even started using public transport by selling their private vehicles. Because petrol prices have crossed Rs 100 in some cities. Now that elections are round the corner, the government has found an alternative to Petrol-Diesel. The government is planning to bring it in the market before the elections. After the government’s plan, your car will be seen plying on the roads in just Rs.49 per litre. Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has also mentioned flex fuel in many programs.


How will Fuel Flex work?

According to expert Anupam, “Flex fuel is an alternative fuel made of a combination of gasoline and methanol or ethanol. Which you can run your car on mixed fuel with ethanol,,,. Not only this, flex- The engine is basically a standard petrol engine. Which has been prepared by additional components. Also, these engines are made at low cost in comparison to low petrol-diesel. Not only this, petrol cars can also be converted into fuel engines. It can be done. The government is also working fast on this. At present, the government is holding meetings with experts to bring it in the market. So that it can be launched in the market before the elections.

Preparing to make it mandatory this year

According to media reports, there are general elections in the country in 2024. The government wants to give this gift to the countrymen before that. That’s why there is a plan to bring flex fuel in the market by December this year. Nitin Gadkari has announced in a program that the government is going to make Flex Fuel Engine mandatory in the next 6 months. If this happens then you will get the opportunity to drive a car for just Rs.49 per litre. That means your direct expenditure will be reduced by half. Also, with this implementation, you will be able to run your car with ethanol.

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