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Exciting Update: Sahara Refund ,Government Initiates Investor Money Refunds ; Learn How to Claim Yours 18 lakh

Sahara Refund Portal:

 Ending the year-long wait of Sahara investors, Union Cooperative Minister Amit Shah started the refund process by transferring Rs 10,000 to the account of 112 investors. 

The minister, While attending the special event, said that 18 lakh people have registered on the claim portal so far. 

Earlier on July 18, the government introduced ‘Sahara refund portal’ to refund the money of investors who have put their money into Sahara Credit Co-operative Society Limited, Saharayan Universal Multipurpose Society Limited, Hamara India Credit Co-operative Society Limited and Star Multipurpose Co-operative Society. 

The Union government started the process after the order of the Supreme Court.

The government will return Rs 5000 crore in the first phase to 1 core investor. Then the Union Minister said that the money would be transferred to the investors’ account within 45 days of the application.

How to claim for Sahara refund?

1 – The investor must first log in to

2- The investor has to select the option of Depositor Registration.

3- You have to fill in the Aadhaar number and the mobile number associated with Aadhaar.

4- Fill in the OPT sent to Aadhaar registered mobile number

5- After completing the registration process, go to the depositor login option.

6- Next, generate OTP by entering the last four numbers of Aadhaar card and mobile number. and fill it up.

7- Click on the ‘I agree’ option. Keep in mind that here you will get bank details and date of birth.

8- Share the details of the society by filling out the clave request form along with your receipt.

9- Next, Download the claim letter from the portal. It will have to be signed by affixing one of your passport-size photographs.

10- After this upload that letter. Once the process is complete, a message will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Document Required

   – Membership number,

– Aadhar card,

– Account number of the deposit,

– Mobile number which is linked with Aadhaar card,

– Deposit certificate,

– Registered mobile number should be linked with the bank account.

Only 10 thousand in first phase 

The Central Government has clearly said that the money will be returned to the investors’ account within 45 days of registration on the portal. The Home Ministry informed that initially, the money of about four crore investors would be returned. Although the government has imposed a cap on the same. In the first phase, An investor can avail a return of only up to ten thousand only.

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