Glory to Hong Kong

‘Glory to Hong Kong’: High Court rejects govt’s bid to ban pro-democracy song

The government argued that ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ insults China’s national anthem and that its distribution and online publication can give people the false impression that Hong Kong is an independent country.

The Chinese government attempted to have the pro-democracy protest song “Glory to Hong Kong” banned, but the Hong Kong high court rejected the request.

According to the supreme court, outlawing the song could have a “chilling effect” and gravely impair the right to free speech.

Glory to Hong Kong, on the other hand, is said to be an insult to China’s national anthem, and the government claims that its internet distribution and distribution can lead people to believe that Hong Kong is not a part of China.

Judge Anthony Chan’s decision stated, “I am unable to see a solid basis for believing that the invocation of the civil jurisdiction can assist in the enforcement of the law in question.”

Chan continued by saying that the court has a responsibility to uphold human rights, including the right to free speech.

Because of the harsh penalties for breaking the injunction, he warned that innocent persons “might be deterred from lawful activities involving the song.”

During pro-democracy protests in 2019, the song became an unofficial anthem.

Human rights activists applaud the decision.

Chinese human rights activists applauded the top court’s decision.

“The Hong Kong government should respect the decision and refrain from attempting to censor the protest song Glory to Hong Kong and other political expressions,” said Sophie Richardson, Human Rights Watch’s China director.

“It should also halt its aggressive campaign to undermine internationally guaranteed human rights,” she added.

Before the verdict, aw-Nian Huang, an assistant professor at Taiwan’s National Chengchi University, stated that the government’s injunction, if passed, would have increased Beijing’s goal of increasing territorial control over Taiwan.

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