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Miraculous Escape: 5 Americans Freed from Iran in Billion-Dollar Deal – You Won’t Believe How!

Five Americans who had been imprisoned in Iran have finally regained their freedom and are now on a flight out of the country. This remarkable development is part of a broader agreement that also involves the US unfreezing $6 billion in Iranian funds.

The US government has officially acknowledged that all five Americans were wrongfully detained, marking a significant step towards their release. They are currently being transported on a Qatari government jet to Doha, departing from an airport in Tehran on Monday afternoon, local time. Notably, two relatives of the detainees are accompanying them on the flight, along with the Qatari ambassador to Tehran.

This liberation marks the end of a harrowing ordeal that has lasted for several years for these detained Americans. Among them, Emad Shargi, Morad Tahbaz, and Siamak Namazi had all endured more than five years of captivity, with Namazi having been detained since 2015. Unfortunately, the identities of the other two Americans are not publicly known.

The release of these individuals represents a significant diplomatic breakthrough, following years of complex indirect negotiations between Washington and Tehran. It underscores the commitment of the Biden administration to secure the release of Americans unjustly held abroad, following successful efforts in Russia and Venezuela.

Under the terms of the agreement between the US and Iran, $6 billion in Iranian funds, which had been held in restricted accounts in South Korea, have been transferred to similarly restricted accounts in Qatari banks. Importantly, both Iranian and US officials have been notified by Qatar that this transfer has been completed. A source with knowledge of the matter confirmed this development.

It’s worth noting that these funds originated from permitted oil sales and were placed into accounts established during the Trump administration. To ensure transparency and adherence to humanitarian objectives, the Biden administration has emphasized that these funds can only be used by Iran for humanitarian purchases, with each transaction being closely monitored by the US Treasury Department.

This landmark agreement has already faced criticism from some Republicans. In addition to the release of the five Americans, it also involves the release of five Iranians who were in US custody.

The process leading to this release began taking shape in Doha approximately seven months ago, after years of indirect negotiations. The first tangible steps towards the deal’s implementation occurred about five weeks ago when four of the detained Americans were transferred to house arrest, with the fifth already under house arrest at that time.

As direct negotiations were not possible, the US had to rely on intermediary countries in the Middle East and Europe, including Qatar, Oman, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, all of which played a crucial role in facilitating discussions between the two parties.

Qatar played a pivotal role as the main mediator in sealing the final deal. Negotiators from Iran and the US would convene in separate hotels in Doha, within view of each other, while Qatari diplomats tirelessly shuttled back and forth to hammer out the details.

In the weeks following the transfer of detainees to house arrest, US officials had emphasized that the final negotiations were delicate and ongoing.

Siamak Namazi, one of the released Americans, is a dual citizen of Iran and the US. His father, Baquer Namazi, had been released in October 2022 to receive medical treatment after enduring more than six years of detention in Iran.

Emad Shargi, a businessman, and Morad Tahbaz, an environmentalist, were initially arrested in 2018, and both hold dual citizenship as well.

In March, Siamak Namazi had made an emotional plea to President Joe Biden during an unprecedented interview with CNN from inside Evin Prison, urging him to prioritize the freedom of innocent Americans over politics and intensify efforts to secure their release. The families of Namazi, Shargi, and Tahbaz had also repeatedly called on the Biden administration to redouble its efforts to bring their loved ones home.

In sum, the release of these five Americans from Iranian detention is a significant development that brings an end to their years-long ordeal. It underscores the importance of diplomacy and international cooperation in resolving complex issues and securing the freedom of unjustly detained individuals.

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