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Farmer Compensation: Relief to farmers here, compensation will be given for crop damage due to rain

Farmer Compensation: This time, above-average rainfall across the country has pushed farmers to the brink of famine. When the rice crop was ripe and standing, heavy rains destroyed the entire harvest. However, there is no need for the farmers to worry.

Farmer Compensation: Across North India, including Punjab, the rain gods have been exceptionally generous this time. Crops in many states have been destroyed. In light of this, the Punjab government has made a reassuring announcement in favor of the farmers. The Punjab government has stated that it will compensate any farmer whose crop has been ruined due to the rain. Therefore, there is no need for anyone to be concerned. The government has declared a compensation of ₹6,800 per acre to the farmers. Not only that, the government has already released ₹86 crore for this purpose. It’s worth mentioning that in July as well, the government had already released ₹103 crore for compensation.

Rainfall Above Average: According to the state’s weather department, this year Punjab witnessed nearly 44% more rainfall in July. Particularly, Faridkot in Punjab received 256.2 millimeters and Mohali received 472.6 millimeters of excess rainfall. This had the most significant impact on the farmers’ crops. For many farmers, their rice crops were completely destroyed. As per the information, farmers in Punjab had to replant rice in 2.75 lakh acres. Consequently, the cost burden on farmers has become substantial. In light of this, the government has announced compensation taking the matter seriously.

Compensation Process Yet to Begin: It’s important to note that so far, the government has only released the amount for compensation. The compensation money has not yet reached the bank accounts of the farmers. Some farmers are even stating that in the Rabi season as well, their crops were destroyed due to adverse weather conditions. However, they have not received the first installment of compensation yet. Although government officials have stated that the assessment of the damage to farmers’ crops has been carried out, which took some time. Within a few days, compensation funds will be deposited into the farmers’ accounts on a per-acre basis. Therefore, there is no need for them to worry.

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