Employees Maternity Leave: Big news for employees! Now government women employees will get one year maternity leave

Sikkim Maternity Leave: A notification regarding this will be issued soon by the Sikkim government. In this, there is a provision to give one month leave to the father of the child.

Sikkim Maternity Leave: The Government of Sikkim has taken a big decision regarding Maternity Leave. Now women who become mothers in the state will be given leave for 12 months. Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang made this announcement. Apart from this, there is a provision to give one month leave to the father of the child. The Chief Minister told that soon the rules will be changed regarding this and this scheme will be implemented in the state. Due to which thousands of women of the state will be benefited.

Big relief to government employees

Addressing the Annual General Meeting of the Sikkim State Civil Service Officers’ Association (SSCSOA), Sikkim CM Tamang said that this would help the government employees to take better care of their children and family. The Chief Minister said that soon its detailed information will be notified. It is being told that in the coming few weeks, the Sikkim government can issue a notification regarding this.

Regarding this announcement, CM Tamang said that officers are the backbone of the state administration, who contribute significantly to the growth and development of Sikkim and its people. He said that attention is being given to the process of promotion for civil service officers, due to which the number of promotions has increased.

During this, the Chief Minister congratulated all the newly appointed IAS and SCS (Sikkim Civil Service) officers and extended best wishes for their successful career. Many big and small officials were involved in listening to the CM in this program.

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