IRS Whistleblowers Statements on Biden

Directive to Hunter Biden investigator, ‘avoid answering questions’

The FBI instructed a senior agent working on the Hunter Biden investigation to avoid answering questions from a House committee about the “ongoing” case.

IRS Whistleblowers Opening Statements on Hunter Biden Investigation

In his opening statement, Ziegler accuses the Department of Justice of obstructing the probe against Hunter Biden.

Rep. Jason Smith’s opening statement on IRS Whistleblowers, Justice Department Corruption, and the Biden Family’s Crimes: “These two courageous whistleblowers provided my committee with devastating testimony, showing that the government is not treating all taxpayers equally. And the DOJ and the IRS gave preferential treatment to the president son during a criminal investigation into his taxes… The IRS recommended multiple felony charges against Hunter Biden for tax years 2014 through 2019, relating to at least 8.3 million in income from foreign companies, including companies based in China, Romania, and Ukraine, and that is the only amount discovered despite the roadblocks and obstruction their investigation faced. The Department of Justice engaged in a campaign to delay, divulge and deny that investigation. They delayed investigators for years, leading to the expiration of the statute of limitations for many of the crimes involved. They divulge key investigative details to Biden’s attorneys and even the president transition team. And they denied investigators the ability to authenticate evidence serve warrants, question witnesses and bring charges. This led to Hunter Biden’s sweetheart agreement announced five years after the investigation started. But mere days before my committee voted to publicly released this testimony. Would Americans in my congressional district or any other congressional district ever receive this same treatment? …Americans should not have to accept two tiers of justice in this country. One if your last name is Biden, and one for everybody else.”

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