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Customers of this government bank are getting notice, if this work is not done then money transaction can be closed

Government bank

PNB KYC Online Update Notice: Punjab National Bank has issued notice to customers asking them to update KYC. As per RBI norms, it is necessary to update KYC details before 31st August 2023. Customers who do not do this may face problems in transactions in the future.

Punjab National Bank has issued a notice to its customers (PNB Customer). The bank has told that notice is being sent to all the customers who have not updated the KYC details till now. According to media reports, a major decision has been taken by the country’s government bank.

If you also have an account in a Govt bank, then after August 31, you will not be able to do money transactions. PNB has said that in case of non-updation of KYC documents, customers may face problems in banking transactions. Customers whose KYC is yet to be updated in their accounts have been sent two notices from the Bank to their registered addresses and SMS to their registered mobile numbers. The bank has urged its customers to update their KYC information as per RBI norms before August 31, 2023.

government bank

Remember deadlines

Deadline has been announced by PNB for the update of KYC documents. Customers will have to complete this work by 31 August 2023. Customers who will not be able to complete this work by this stipulated date may face problems in the transaction. Bank has requested to update KYC information. Explain that according to the instructions issued by RBI, it is mandatory for all customers to update KYC. Such people who have not updated KYC should go to the bank and get it updated immediately. At the same time, by visiting the website of banks, you can get KYC updated even sitting at home.

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