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Beware! After today, it is not good to use wordings like prostitute, housewife or affair , Supreme Court Banned

Supreme Court Banned Gender Stereotypes Wording, New Delhi: The country’s highest court has taken a huge step on Wednesday. The court has banned the use of words that perpetuate gender stereotypes.

A handbook has been unveiled in this regard. With the unveiling of the handbook, Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud said, “Through this handbook it will help to know which words are stereotypical and how to avoid them. There is a list of those objectionable words in this handbook. Along with this, the words used in their place have also been told.

Explain that in the Supreme Court, a bench of 5 judges headed by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud heard the debate on the petitions challenging the abrogation of Article 370 on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has launched a handbook, which lists words that can and cannot be used legally.

It has been told in the handbook that in place of affair is relationship outside marriage, in place of prostitute/hooker is sex worker, in place of unwed mother is only mother, in place of child prostitution is a smuggled child, in place of bastard is such a child. , whose parents are not married, street sexual harassment in place of eve-teasing, homemaker in place of housewife, woman with whom a man has had romantic or sexual relations outside marriage, in place of mistress.

Apart from this, use of clothing/dress in place of provocative clothing/dress, gender neutral words in place of effeminate (janana), faithful wife/good wife/obedient wife in place of wife, Indian woman/western woman in place of In place of woman, concubine/keep should be used phrases or words such as a woman who has a physical relationship with a man outside of marriage.

Understand the words banned on the instructions of the Supreme Court and its substitutes from the pictures given below.

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

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