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Bank locker rules: Lost your locker keys? This is what you have to do

Many banks offer Safe Deposit Locker (SDL) facility to their customers. Customers can use it to store valuables, important papers and sentimental memories. However, banks charge for lockers depending on the size of the locker and the location of the bank.

When opening the locker, banks usually give one key to each locker and keep one key at the bank. When the account needs to be managed, a bank employee comes to the lock with a key and you have to open it with your key. Please note that both parties (bank clerk and locker) must be present when opening the locker.

What happens if the keys are lost?

If the key is lost, it must be reported to the bank immediately. According to HDFC Bank, you need to send inquiry letter with key and number details. In addition, a copy of the police report or the complaint against the report must be submitted. The bank will then pay you the price of the new key. After that, the bank will inform you when and where to pick up the new key. All locker renters must be at the store.

According to SBI Revised Agreement, “Inform the bank immediately of any loss of locker employment key, password or any other bank and the conditions of locker access lock replacement costs if the locker is rented to joint names. Letter signed by all rental cars to be signed.

According to the revised SBI contract, “Immediately notify the bank of the loss of the key, password or other identification mechanism provided by the bank for the operation of the locker, and comply with the conditions and be responsible for changing the lock that allows access to the locker, provided that if the locker is rented in joint names, the notification of the loss of keys must also be signed by the bank.”

If you find the lost key, please return it to the bank immediately as it has previously been reported as lost. Unloading the contents of the cabinet at the customer’s request

According to the PNB Locker Agreement, “If the locker tenant loses the key of the locker provided by the bank, the client (locker tenant) must immediately notify the bank. It is also possible to take an undertaking from the client that the lost key, if found later, will be handed over to the bank. Locker opening/lost key replacement fees will be calculated from GST key to 1000 Rupee.”

In addition to locker rental, the bank also requires the following locker fees:
a) One-time registration fee
b) Lock-in visitor fees during a specified number of activities
c) Rental of a cabinet late
d) Disconnect the cabinet.

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