Vladimir Putin will not attend the BRICS Summit

Arresting Putin would be declaration of war against Russia, Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa has told the High Court in Gauteng that arresting Russian President Vladimir Putin, if he travels to South Africa for the BRICS summit in August, would be a declaration of war against Russia. 

And the president did not want the public to know that.

However, the court ruled on Tuesday that Ramaphosa and his government’s response to the DA’s legal attempt to force the government to arrest Putin should be made public.

“It would be a reckless, unconstitutional and unlawful exercise of the powers conferred upon the government to declare war with Russia by arresting President Putin,” Ramaphosa told the court in his affidavit, which he argued should be kept a secret. 

The court disagreed with the Presidency’s assertions that Ramaphosa wanted to keep his affidavit secret “to keep the interactions with the ICC [International Criminal Court] on the warrant of arrest against President Putin confidential”.

In the affidavit, which has since been made public, Ramaphosa said he did not want to risk waging war with Russia. 

“It would be inconsistent with our Constitution to risk engaging in war with Russia. I have constitutional obligations to protect the national sovereignty, peace and security of the republic, and to respect, protect, promote and fulfil the rights of the people of the republic to life, safety and security, among other rights in the Bill of Rights,” he said.

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