Ann Arbor school board passes cease-fire resolution

After hours of contentious debate among community members and board members, Ann Arbor’s school board passed a resolution calling for a cease-fire in Gaza and Israel, voting 4-1, with two board members abstaining, just after midnight Thursday.

The marathon school board meeting saw more than 100 people wanting to make a public comment. Members of the public were given one minute each to speak. And the tension among the seven member board was palpable as Wednesday night’s meeting kicked off, and members spent more than 20 minutes debating when in the meeting they should consider the resolution.

While city governments across the country have made calls for a cease-fire, the Free Press could find no other example of a school district in Michigan making a similar resolution. Ann Arbor Public Schools is likely one of the first in the state. The resolution included in Wednesday’s agenda “expresses support for a bilateral ceasefire in Gaza and Israel,” calls for educational dialogue about the conflict among students and staff and supports the “release of all hostages.”

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